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Mutual Fund Identity

Name: Synesis Greek Equity Growth Fund (ex-Synesis Short Term Duration)



Equity M/F


License: UCITS License 17/78 - Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. An investment compartment of the “SYNESIS CAPITAL UCITS V.C.I.C PLC” mutual fund
License Date: 09/06/2020
Investment Risk: 5 out of 7
Custodian: Eurobank Cyprus Ltd


Investment Objective

The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to preserve capital and achieve a total return for its Investors by investing in equities listed in the Athens Stock Exchange or for which an application to be listed in the Athens Stock Exchange within one year from the date of issue, has been made. The Sub-Fund will also invest in Greek Corporate Bonds as well as in Equities, Fixed Income Securities (such as Corporate or Government Bonds) and/or money market instruments and in ETFs listed in Greece or other foreign trading venues (in the European Economic Area or/and in non-Member States of the EU included among the markets stated in the list approved by the Minister of Finance in Cyprus) for diversification purposes.


Target Group

An investment in the Sub-Fund is designated to be a medium to long-term investment. Investors should not expect to obtain short-term gains from such investment. The Sub-Fund is suitable for investors who can afford to set aside the capital for the medium to long-term and who seek an investment with a high-risk profile. The Sub-Fund may not be appropriate for investors who plan to withdraw their money within two to three years. The Sub-Fund is not appropriate for Clients who do not wish to gain exposure in the Greek market.


Past Performance

Not available