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Alternative Investment Funds

AIF Legal Forms and Types

AIF Legal Forms

An Alternative Investment Fund may be set-up with one of the following legal forms:

  1. as a Mutual Fund
  2. as an investment company in the legal form of a limited liability company with shares
  3. as a limited liability partnership

Furthermore, an AIF may constitute of more than one investment compartments. Each one of those compartments may issue different units whose value may vary depending on the investment compartment.


AIF Types

Concerning the types of AIF which may be set-up, the main categorization is based on whether there is a limitation or not in the maximum number of persons. Based on this element, the corresponding AIFs have their own special characteristics which may vary concerning the type of investors they may be marketed, whether they are subject to minimum capital requirements and specific investment restrictions and so on.

In case you need more information concerning your options with an AIF, you may contact our company in order to meet one of our specialized advisors and find answers to all your questions.