Wealth Fund Services is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, License No (MC UCITS 6/78/2012)


Wealth Fund VCIC PLC

Mutual Fund Identity

Name: Wealth Global Bond Fund



Bond Fixed Income M/F


License: UCITS License 10/78 - Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission. An investment compartment of the “Wealth Fund Variable Capital Investment Company Plc” mutual fund
License Date: 19/06/2017
Investment Risk: 3 out of 7
Custodian: Eurobank Cyprus Ltd
Benchmark: Barclays Global Aggregate Index


Investment Objective

The investment objective is income from interest and capital gains from the added value created by middle-long term bonds while undertaking middle to high risk, coupled with geographical and sectoral diversification.


Target Group

The Fund aims at middle-long term investors (timeline: 2-3 years minimum), who wish to generate earnings from income and added-value of sovereign and corporate bonds while being willing to assume medium to high levels of investment risk.


Past Performance

Not available