Wealth Fund Services is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, License No (MC UCITS 6/78/2012)


Complaint Handling

The procedure followed when examining client complaints is described below:

The client may submit a complaint to our Company, at the Client Relationship Management Department with one of the following ways:

  1. in writing at the company offices, John Kennedy 12-14, Kennedy Business Center , Office 305, Postal Code 1087, Nicosia, Cyprus
  2. by email at the following email address:

In either ways, the client may fill in the Complaint Submission Form which can be obtained either at our offices or HERE.

After the complaint is submitted, the head of the Client Relationship Management Department shall undertake the task of complaint management and will prepare a report on the case which will be submitted to the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Company and the Compliance Officer. Any complaint form sent to the Company will be communicated to the Internal Auditor. Depending on the nature and the possible claims arising thereof, a briefing or an opinion may be sought from the Legal Advisor of the Company. The Company may contact the client to ask for further clarifications or information, if needed. The Company shall draft it’s response within ten (10) working days, starting from the next working day of the day, on which the complaint has been received. The response shall be sent to the client concerned and to the competent authorities, where applicable by means of registered mail. The response shall also be communicated to the Compliance Officer and to the Legal Advisor of the Company. In case further time for investigation is needed, the client concerned in informed thereof, whereas an approximate time period until the final response is sent, is laid down, which cannot be longer than 45 days starting from the working day following the reception of the initial complaint.

All complaints are handled with discretion and are kept on file by the Company.