Wealth Fund Services is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, License No (MC UCITS 6/78/2012)


Board of Directors


The management company is run by the Board of Directors, which is comprised of seven members:

  • George W. Sams – Chief Executive Officer (Executive Member)
  • Ioannis Iliopoulos – Chief Investment Officer (Executive Member)
  • Athanasios Kontonikas – Chief Investment Officer (Executive Member)
  • George Spais – Risk Manager (Executive Member)
  • Anastasios Kanellopoulos – Head of Financial and Organizational Services (Executive Member)
  • Markos Margaritis – Independent Non-Executive Member
  • Ioannis Filippopoulos – Independent Non-Executive Member

The day-to-day running of the Management Company is made by the Chief Executive Officer Mr. George Sams, the Risk Manager Mr. George Spais, the Head of Financial and Organizational Services Mr Anastasios Kanellopoulos, and the Chief Investment Officers Mr. Ioannis Iliopoulos and Mr. Athanasios Kontonikas.



The shareholders of the company are well-respected professionals with extensive experience in the banking sector. They are all investment advisors that have been certified by the Bank of Greece and have worked in the largest Greek and foreign banks.

  • Konstantinos Vourganas
  • Ioannis Iliopoulos
  • Athanasios Kontonikas
  • Panagiotis Poulis
  • Fanis Mylonas