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Description of Mutual Funds - UCITS

Short Description

Mutual Funds (UCITS) are considered as one of the most popular types of collective investments. They are based on the concept that many investors, who have the same investment philosophy and common objectives, join their capital, instead of investing on their own, and create a major powerful capital, the “common asset” of the mutual fund. This common asset is being invested by the Management Company through placements on carefully selected securities, such as bonds, equities and money market instruments in Cyprus and abroad. Investors, depending on how much they contribute to the common asset, acquire a corresponding number of shares - into which the common asset is divided - and share any income, profit or loss that is created by the investments, while they contribute to all the management expenses of the common asset. The investor has the right to get his capital back along with profits (if any) any time he decides to do so, by redeeming the shares he owns.

It is of utmost importance to mention that one of the most significant advantages of UCITS is, among others, the fact that every investor enjoys a professional management of his assets and is granted access to markets and types of investments which would be impossible to approach, if he attempted to do so as a sole investor. Those advantages derive from the safety and power which characterize a collective investment.



UCITS Advantages

UCITS offer a variety of advantages compared to other investment vehicles. Indicatively, we mention the professional assets management, the high institutional protection, the investment diversification and thus the reduction of investment risk as well as the access to every money and capital market. All the advantages mentioned above, combined with the low minimum investment and the full transparency of information, make UCITS a very attractive choice which may be modified accordingly in order to cover the personal needs of every single investor.

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