Wealth Fund Services is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, License No (MC UCITS 6/78/2012)


Wealth Fund Services offers a wide range of investment options for greater flexibility:

Asset management of high standards and personal customer care offered by the Wealth Fund Services staff.

The experience, expertise and flexible options of Wealth Fund Services, insure that you will receive a high standard of asset management and personalized service. Our associates have many years of experience and specialized knowledge having worked in the largest groups of foreign banks.




Investment option via Wealth Global Bond Fund under Wealth Fund Services Umbrella and access to all international markets

With the minimum investment of 1.000€ you get access to the entire range of investment options having at the same time optimal geographical diversification. We provide you with the service of investing in the most important international markets of all developed countries (U.S.A., E.U., etc), all well as markets of developing countries with significant growth potential. In that way, you may take advantage of arising investment opportunities in every geographical area or / and every field of economy.





Tailor-made solutions exclusively for you via setting-up your own Mutual Fund.

You may create your own or a “basket” of mutual funds which meets best your personal investment goals depending on your time horizon and the investment risk you are willing to undertake (in other words your investment profile). Regardless of your final choice, our purpose is to maximize the return of the assets you invest and cover your increasingly changing investment needs.



Available option of investing in a different currency (other than Euro) ensuring even greater diversification.



Available option of setting-up and managing all types of AIFs.

Alternative Investment Funds enjoy a greater flexibility with regard to long or short exposure quotas per security, the allowed leverage on the NAV of the funds and the hedging strategies. The investor may create his own personalized investment portfolio without the limitations of a UCITS. For your own reference, an AIF portfolio can invest, among others, in non-listed stocks, real estate, commodities, SPV’s etc. If you are an institutional or professional as well as a well-informed investor you may take advantage of the benefits offered by an AIF.